Day 2

Waking up refreshed from much needed sleep, a shower, a nice coffee from Oliver and access to WiFi, the morning found me feeling a lot better and happier.  I could now start to enjoy myself!

In the morning I had a lazy day pottering around the place whilst on my tablet.  Had a chat with Oliver about a few things over some coffee, seems we are both MCU nuts, and get on pretty well.  Later that day he took me to the place where I’d be helping with the free style English, which is a nice cosy looking place.

As he had things to do there, I decided to nip into central Kyoto to have a quick look around.


After a very brief train journey I arrived at Kyoto station, what a massive place it is! It’s on so many levels also, it even has a build in hotel and underground shopping complex! I stopped by the tourist information to pick up some guides and maps for future use.  In addition I managed to locate a Starbucks! Not my normal choice, but dammit I was happy to see it!


Armed with the biggest latte I could buy, I headed out into a somewhat rainy Kyoto.  Not having a plan I just walked North, eventually coming to a pretty cool looking temple.


I spent some time looking around, then headed further North, but at this point the rain was soaking me through (no umbrella or waterproofs!), so I headed back to Otsu.  Where I’m now having to hope my clothes and money dry out!! Tomorrow I begin my first part of working, which will be helping with the rennovations.


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