Settling in

After meeting Oliver it was only a few minutes walk to get to where I needed to be, I acquired the key from where he said and let myself in.  I had a quick look around the place, and shortly after Oliver arrived back to show me which room was mine, and informed me that Conner who I would be working for would not be back till later.

I chucked my bags in my room asked him about WiFi, which he confirmed there was, but he didn’t have the passkey and his phone didn’t show the whole key.  He had some things going on so I let him know I’d head out and explore the area.  I figured I could hunt down a café with a WiFi hotspot.

WiFi saga part 2!!!

Wandering around Otsu I soon discovered that it’s quite quiet, in addition I found no coffee shops, and certainly none with WiFi.  Millions of vending machines though!  As sad as it may sound I was by now starting to get really annoyed by the WiFi situation as I was missing my friend and just simply wanted to send a message, I was after less than 24 hours in Japan already looking forward to going back to London!

I was even seriously considering accepting o2s insane £6 per mb data roaming charges to stay in touch now.

More aimless moping around and wandering eventually led me back to the 7/11, which proved to be a haven offering free WiFi! I managed to ping a few more messages to my friend back before heading back.

Meeting people

Arriving back at the house Oliver was now free and we started to talk some more.  He is a really cool & friendly guy, he arrived a week before me and is doing the same thing.  He took some time to show me around more and explain things.  It also turns out he once worked as a Barista and had brought along a coffee press, he then proceeded to make me a coffee.  With a lovely cup of coffee in my hands things were now looking up, and my stress levels had dropped somewhat!

Later on Connor returned to the building, he also is a really great guy, he explained a few more things and confirmed that there was no work to do till Sunday, so told me to take another day relaxing which was really great.  He also got the WiFi key for the house, and everything was better! The rest of that evening I spent in my room catching up on emails and social media, I could now receive replies from my friend as well, and now I was much more relaxed.  That night it was off to sleep for the next day.



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