Day 3, work begins

First day of doing some actual work today, it was quite laid back with a start around 10.30ish, first job was to get a celling fitted and secured, put fibreglass insulation above it and refit a floor upstairs that had been taken up to allow access for the insulation.

It was my first full day with the other guys, who were both great and it was all a good laugh, certainly felt more like fun than work.  We started with getting the celling in place and securing it, before cutting and dropping the insulation in.  After which it was decided it was time to get a quick cold beer in, really refreshing!


The finished work above.  And yes that is a metal spatula hanging from the celling, its usefulness in the kitchen was limited but it in the end proved a vital tool for finishing the celling!  It now hangs there in honour of its service!

Lunch Break

With the first half of the days work done, it was time to venture out for some lunch with the other guys.  Connor also gave lots of useful information about buying things in Japan, where to shop, and how to say certain useful phrases.


I got a bit more of an feel for what’s around the area, there are a lot of convenience stores and supermarkets here.  We grabbed some supplies at a supermarket (basically the equivalent of Tescos), including some really good tasting lunch platters which we had on some apartments steps nearby, it was all very much like student days.


Once lunch was complete we headed around into a few more shops, including some kind of second hand shop which sold pretty much everything, from shoes to coffee machines.  I ended up managing to pick up a wireless mouse for my laptop as I forgot before I left.  Though as I now think about it this was actually pretty damn expensive as it works out about £26! I could have got a shitty one for a fiver back home.


Once we got back to the house there was time for a short break of coffee and a snack, then it was a case of refitting a floor upstairs that had been taken up, this was to prepare the room for another person who will be arriving later this week.  Lastly we managed to clear the main living area, added some nice carpeting and a table with a foot warmer under it!


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