Day 4

Quite a short entry today as it was a relatively uneventful day at the house.

Work for today

Today was another work day, me and Oliver had the task of staining some floors with a dark brown finish.  One of the rooms was the one we needed to get ready for someone coming this week, so we started with that one for the first coating.

Again it was pretty relaxing and straightforward, it was good fun again chatting with Oliver about pretty much everything Marvel related, before moving onto some cool engineering topics about robots, technology, and various computer implants!  Also a bit about travel and working away lifestyle.


The upstairs didn’t take all that long to finish, and it wasn’t much longer before the whole downstairs first coats were done.  Time then for another coffee & lunch break, I couldn’t be bothered to cook so went with a simple sandwich option.  More talk and sharing of youtube recommendations & films, and we began the second coats which didn’t take long.

Somehow being the messiest decorator on the planet I ended up with wood stain all over my trousers, they are now pretty much a write off! With the day almost done, it was just time for a quick cleanup of the kitchen & utility room.  I attempted (and successfully!) worked out how to use the washing machine in Japanese, toploaders seem to be all the rage out here for some reason.


Work done for the day, we retired to the cosy feet warming heated table in the communal area to talk more about previous travel, films and general rubbish.  There has been talk of maybe heading to Nara later in the week, which should be pretty cool!  Tokyo was mentioned, but due to time and costs it is unlikely to happen this trip for me.


I’m taking this evening as a chill out evening on the laptop, maybe a bit of Netflix (which over here has basically a combination of UK and US stuff, as well as JP stuff).

Tomorrow I go in to help with one of the teaching classes which should be really cool, I’m excited and quite nervous at the same time!  Also shortly after I’ll be taking a one hour Japanese language class which is being put on for us.


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