Day 6

Today was my second day of teaching, this time I would be working with a local teacher for the classes.  I had a fairly lazy morning as my classes didn’t start till 11am, though I had to get there a little sooner to open up and get things ready.

As I arrived I met the teacher I’d be working with, and any nerves I had disappeared, as she was really friendly and fun to talk to.  We had a few minutes to talk and get to know a bit more about each other before the students for the first class started to arrive.

The first class was quite full, some of the students were from the classes I’d had the day before, with quite a few new ones as well.  I got on well with the teacher I was working with and the time flew by, it was all really great fun.  I had three classes back to back, though it felt like they really blended into one, as a lot of students stayed for all of the classes.


After my classes were done for the day I managed to have a talk with another of the teachers from the school, she was from Australia and had been in Japan for a while.  Again like everyone here she was pretty awesome, really friendly and funny.  So far everyone I’ve meet has been really great!

After nattering for an hour I ended up wandering out to explore a little more of the area around the school.  Lake Biwa, the largest freshwater lake in Japan was only abut a 15 minute walk away, so this seemed like a good place to start.


The lake is massive!! Standing at the lake edge, is like looking out into a sea or ocean.  It’s really a great sight, look straight out to the lake and you can just sea water on the horizon or look to the sides and you can see the city buildings stretch around the edge with massive mountains behind.  It’s also so peaceful you can just relax to the sound of the water, you don’t even hear the city traffic.  I’d asked my students and I think they told me the parimeter of the lake is about 280km!!


There’s even massive ferries here, presumably they stop at each of the cities or towns around the lake.  On the way back I took a detour through some random streets, which led me to this really random local artwork.  Overall a really great day, got to meet some really cool people, see a bit more of the area, and ended up with some midnight pancakes!IMAG1259



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