Day 7

Fairly quiet day today, I was the only one with no classes so it was a day of cleaning the house for me.  A pretty chilled day, spent the morning catching up on everything I’d missed from IndieDevHour the night before as I didn’t get up at 4am for it.

Cleaning was as you’d expect nothing exciting, the steam cleaner here has the worlds smallest capacity, needing a top up every 5 seconds! But I chucked on some Lindsey Stirling and I was happy.

With the cleaning done it was time for a bit more exploration.

IMAG1272 (2)

I found some local shopping areas, some cinema and entertainment places, some cool arcade claw grab machines, and a decent view of the city from the top floor of a shopping area.


The next couple of days should be more exciting as I have them off, so plan to hit a lot more of the major sights in Kyoto.  There was time today for a quick caffine fix at a local Starbucks, and I’m topping off the evening with a Japanese beer while planning the next few days.


Planning to hit some cool places in the next few days.



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