Japan Day 10

After two days off exploring more of Kyoto it was back to another work day today, Sunday is a fairly relaxed working day though as it’s the day for the weekly big food shop, as well as renovation work on the house.

I was up around 8am to get some stuff done on my laptop, mostly sorting photos and sorting this blog out, with a little game dev as well.  We didn’t actually end up setting off to the shops till about 11am, so it was a slow paced day.


There’s two main supermarkets we tend to hit, their about a 15 minute walk away, but it was a nice warm sunny day so it made for a nice trip.  After the first supermarket we stopped off for a quick breakfast, not exactly a traditional Japanese breakfast, but there was a sale on the donughts!


After that we hit the second store which was mainly for frozen foods and some larger bulk items.  Amongst which was a 15 kg bag of rice, fueled up on breakie I decided I’d volunteer to be the one to carry it back to the house.  It was a heavy thing to cart back, but I can tick off carry a large back of rice through a city in Japan off my list!

We continued on with work around the hosue when we got back, work was on a room that needed the flooring fitting, it was all done by around 6pm.  After that I headed out with someone to get some more smaller items, as I hadn’t really ventured out much at night so far I was taken on a short detour to view the area.


We ended up on an elevated walkway which gave a great view of Lake Biwa, with coloured fountains spraying on the lake edge.  During the walk I got to know a bit more about Connor who as it turns out is also a fellow gamer to, naturally this led to talk about video games, my game development and as it turns out a few game dev ideas of his.


Being in a quieter area of the city there wasn’t as much traffic, but the roads were still busy and the city still glowed with numerous signs and building lights.  With talk of video games on the mind, we took a trip into one of the local arcades, it was only a small one but I was hyped to be in a arcade in Japan!


The arcade was a small arcade in a large complex, loads of machines and a great atmosphere, dance machines seemed to be everywhere, light gun and fighting games even virtual horse racing!


And of course plenty of claw grab prize machines! Something had to be won! Changing up some notes for coins we hit a few claw machines, I attempted a few times to win a massive Pikachu (sadly I didn’t, though I’ll be back!), we both attempted for various food based prizes in the machines, but ultimately were unsuccessful.  Feeling defeated we headed back.


I ended up back on the laptop trying to sort a few things out, while I was doing this Connor brought down his PS4 and a monitor to setup for some gaming.  The only downside is the monitor had no sound, and with no analogue audio out on the PS4 we had to rely on a small 3.5mm speaker.  As it turns out this hit the plastic casing of the monitor and wouldn’t stay attached to the connection.

So it was time to que the music and fix it in A-Team style!


The amazing solution we came up with was to hold it in place with some tape, it worked for a minute but then the weight of the speaker just pulled itself down.  So stage two was prop it up with a wooden spoon, this worked but needed some weight to hold it in place.  The logical thing to add was the battery charger from the drill.  This worked well for a while, but it wasn’t heavy enough to hold the spoon in place.  So of course the only logical addition was to add a 5 kg bag of spaghetti to hold the charge in place!


With the worlds most ingenious solution rigged at the back of the monitor, we ended up with the worlds most fun gaming setup.  The game of choice ended up being The Evil Within, or Psycho Break as it’s known over here.

Armed with beers, wine and games, we got a few hours into it, making it to stage where despite being equipped with a handgun, shotgun, grenades and an explosive crossbow, we were still chainsawed to death by a Johnny Walker!

That with the early hours of the morning signalled it was probably time to call it a night.



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