Japan Day 11

This will only be a short entry, as the day has mostly been work on the house again.

I was knackered from a night of gaming and drinking, so thankfully I didn’t have any classes today as I didn’t get up till 10.30am.  I only woke up due to the sound of the rain outside, it was a nice natural alarm clock.


As it turns out the building next door is also a temple of some sort.  It was quite satisfying watching the rain on the tiled roofs and listening to it fall.

The morning was spent clearing the next room to work on, as well as fixing a new celling on it.  Work stopped around 3ish for a late lunch, made up of a mash, warm broth, marinade chicken breasts and rice.  It all tasted and looked fantastic!


After lunch we headed to a quick trip to the DIY store, it should have taken around 20minutes, but ended up being a 2 hour journey.  I was mainly sidetracked by a store full of Gundam models, including a massive model of the RX78 Gundam


I used to make a lot of Gundam models as a kid, so seeing these again was really cool.  They even had perfect grade editions!


After my fix of drooling over the selection of models they had it was time for the journey back, I discovered something called Strong Zero Pepsi! I assume because standard Pepsi just sounds boring, either way it didn’t taste any different.

Back at the house it was renovation work clearing the room and finishing the mess, after that I’m finally on a wind down to catch up on my laptop.



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