Japan – Day 11 Snow at night!

Around 11.30pm I went out to put the rubbish out, and to my surprise it was snowing!!!


I stood outside for a while just watching it fall over the small street I live down, it was coming down fairly slowly at first but it had already settled in a few places.  After taking a few pictures and absorbing the sight of it I headed back in quite excited to tell the others.

We first headed up to the balcony to see it from there, the balcony and first floor roof were already covered in it, as was the temple opposite us.


We then headed out into the street to get some more pictures, with a coffee vending machine just down the street we decided why not get some coffee in the snow!


After some more photo snapping and coffee drinking we headed back to the house.  The snow had started to fall a lot heavier and quicker now.


Back at the house I decided I would head back out and have a walk around the area, as I wanted to make the most of seeing Japan in the snow, it just adds a really great sight over the roofs and trees.  Especially as there area a lot of older buildings and side streets where I live.

IMAG1828One other decided to join me on the walk to also get some pictures.  We headed off past a small park which the snow had covered.  It was a spectacular sight!

IMAG1851.jpgMoving on we then came across some of the main roads, the snow by now had really started to come down, the wind had also picked up, resulting in us being able to see amazing patterns of the snow swirling around in the street lights.

IMAG1860.jpgThere were a few more main roads we passed, the snow covered a lot of them leaving just tram tracks showing.  Though strangely I can’t find the picture I took of the tracks.

IMAG1873.jpgWe then headed towards another park, this one had no lights in or around it, so it was just the camera  flash to light out way.  It was a beautiful sight, but also very creapy, it had a Silent Hill horror vibe to it!  This promoted another conversation about video games as we headed back.

IMAG1881.jpgIMAG1891.jpgBy now the snow had stopped, so it was looking unlikely we would see it in the morning, but this made me even more glad of the fact that despite it now being 1am I’d decided to walk out and see it.



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