Japan Days 12 & 13

I thought I’d combine these two days as there isn’t really to much to talk about, being that I was working both days.

Day 12 – First time teaching solo!

Today I was on renovation duty for the morning with classes to teach in the evening.  The mornings work was finishing off some celling sections and staining the floor with a general tidy up of a few other things.  From about 3pm I had some free time before I had to go and teach in the evening.  Most of this was spent with me googling teaching tips as it was going to be my first time teaching on my own!!!

After a few hours of me worrying and not getting anywhere on google it was time for me to set off.  As I walked to the school I gradually felt calmer and more confident of myself, arriving a little early I even had time for a sit down and a coffee.

From then on I would be teaching back to back classes, I had quite a full class of students but they were all very welcoming and very talkative, which really made things a lot easier for me.  I felt I ran the classes fairly well, the students seemed happy and interested, they all had a good laugh at the awful drawings of maps I did on the whiteboard of England, Japan and Australia!  I did my best to try and make sure all of the students got the same amount of time and chances to talk, hopefully they left happy!

I stayed behind for a short while after the class to chat with another of the teachers who had helped organise my position and stay, he’s also a really great guy and very friendly.  I then quickly typed up a lesson report and headed home to finish the rest of the class related computer stuff.

When I got back the others had setup the PS4 and were tackling Psycho Break (The Evil Within as we know it back in the West), I quickly typed up the last reports and joined them on the makeshift gaming setup, though we now had a speaker extension and didn’t have to rely on the bodged setup using a tape, a spoon, the drill charger and 5kg of spaghetti!


Between us we managed to clear a few more stages and bosses, after a bit of dying in between! (Though it is on hard).  Then around 1am it was time to turn in.

Day 13 – Lay in

Today I was on renovation, I had intended to get up early and start early so I could finish sooner and get more done.  But this was a morning I just didn’t want to get up at all! I woke up at about 7am, looked at the temperature (a cosy 4 degrees!) and decided that bed was the better place to stay!  Even the extra layer of futon I’d acquired hadn’t made things much warmer.  Around 9am I heard one of the others moving around downstairs, I planned to finally get up and head down, but must have fallen back asleep as I didn’t get up till 10am!

Eventually I started working on the house, clearing up the mess in one of the rooms downstairs, during which I discovered some cool artifacts around the house.


I think these were rice or sake containers left by the previous people.


There was a cool looking monkey.


Some really old rice bowls.


For some reason a large gold rabbit (not real gold!!!).

After room clearing it was time to start some painting of an upstairs room which needed it’s walls doing.  In any normal house this would have taken no time at all, but the walls that needed doing were made of some crappy stupid compacted sand! Which took forever to work the paint in, and crumbled away ever now and then meaning you were constantly retouching bits.  Personally I’d just board over it, but it’s not my choice.  I almost but ran out of paint near the end, so it will wait till tomorrow now!


It was about 4pm by the time I was finished and ready to enjoy the rest of my day.  I opted to head to lake Biwa just enjoy the breeze and fresh air.  It was a nice sunny day and the mountains in the distance could be clearly seen, as well as a lot of buildings further off across the lake.  I’m not sure how far I could see, but given the size of Lake Biwa it’s unlikely that I could see across the whole lake!


I headed further along the lake edge and came across some really impressive banks of large granite stones, then a small sandy beech.  Now I’m back at the house and about to get back to some game dev.


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