Japan Day 14

Another lay in today as my classes weren’t till the evening, I ended up chilling out in the living room on the laptop for most of the morning, a combination of game dev on Time To Shoot, catching up on #IndieDevHour and Twitter messages, and checking out a few maps of where else to check out in Kyoto later in the week.

The rest of the day I decided to do some cleaning and small repairs around the house, before venturing out in search of more snacks and food.


I managed to get hold of some Japanese coco pop hoops which was pretty cool! Stocked up on extra packs of Pocky sticks.  Came across some random food stuffs like strawberry sandwhich!


And of course mandatory vending machine coffee!


I’m adding ‘Fire’ to the list of coffees I like.  I then spent a bit of time trying to think of content for my classes and jotted down a lesson plan, it’s free talking classes but I decided it was best to have something to fall back on in the case of the topics running dry.

I only had a handful of students today, but they were interested in the topics I discussed, and in the end I didn’t need to resort to any of my backup content.  I actually overran the final class a little, but the students were happy to stay on which I classed as a good sign.  They also took interest in me being a indie game dev, and I got a chance to briefly show them more of the game.

In addition I’ve been in touch with some local developers in Kyoto and I’ll now be attending a meeting tomorrow with around 30 other developers where I will be giving a short talk and presentation about my game, there will even be someone to translate for me.  It will be a fun experience and great to meet more devs.

Right now I’m back at the house chilling out with more wine and right now there is even mulled wine in the process of being made.  Think I have the day to myself tomorrow so I’ll either hit some more sights around Kyoto or head out to check out more of the surrounding region.


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