Japan Day 17

Today was the usual supply run and renovation day, however as the others had been out drinking the night before, and I hadn’t gone to sleep till about 3am, none of us were realistically going to be up early to do anything!

By around 11ish we’d all just about emerged from our rooms for some coffee in the main room near the kitchen, all being hungry we decided to head out and find somewhere to eat before the weekly supply run.  We found somewhere called Hollys Café, which seems to be a big chain around the Kyoto area, I went with a fried egg on toast (which oddly came with chopsticks, though it didn’t bother me), along with a nice cup of coffee.  Not really sure if it was cheap or expensive as my mind hadn’t woken up and I wasn’t paying any attention.

The supermarket was right next to it, though we didn’t need much from this one as we were going to stock up on some frozen foods from another place.  In between the two more food was needed and I ended up giving into some western food in the form of a KFC, I’ve been trying to avoid western chains and food, but the craving was to much this time in my sleepy state!

On the way back we noticed a lot of streets shut off with police and security waving glowing sticks around (I’ve come to call these lightsabre people), there were also a lot of people standing around waving blue flags with writing on.  It turned out this was some sort of running event, though there only seemed to be a handful of runners.  NHK tv channel was filming it though, so it must have had some importance.

The rest of the day I remember getting the power tools out and cutting wood for some reason, I think we were making shelving units, I can’t really remember!


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