Japan Day 18

Today I planned to just get some shelves put up and do some wood staining, I ended up with fuel from a BYG coffee out of the vending machine nearby.


To the mountains!

I left the house with the others as one of the guys led us all out to show us a shrine in the local area, we set off and were there after a short 10 minute walk.  It was quite a nice smaller temple / shrine area, with only us there it felt deserted, but was great to take in.


There was no one else around at all, so we could take our time and explore in peace.  After this we headed off toward the mountains to see what we could find, we headed down an old country lane passing by a cemetery and a few smaller older looking houses.  Eventually we passed through a torri gate which led to a small trail heading up a mountain.


The trail led us up to a good vantage point above the area, and also a small shrine area, which had a great looking layer of moss on the floor.


We then proceeded to follow a random trail through the forest and further up the mountain, it was a narrow dirt track that wound its way through the forest, up steep slopes and along the edge of the mountain with a steep angled drop next to the edge of the path.  In heavy rain I can imagine great caution being needed!


Eventually the track opened up, we though seemed to take the wrong turning as we went another half hour of walking along a narrow winding pathway, eventually leading out on the opposite side of the mountain at quite a high vantage point.  We ended up in a clearing below a pylon, and it’s possible that the path we went down was just for access to the pylons for maintenance.  It was a great view, but with classes to teach in Kyoto soon we had to head back.


We headed back to the house for some food, I didn’t actually have to teach tonight, but I was joining one of the others to see a new classroom location in Kyoto that I would be teaching in later this week.  Though these weren’t my classes to take I joined them and got involved a bit anyway.  Getting out around 10pm we grabbed some food on the way back, another cheapish meal for me of pork rice bowl, miso soup and salmon again really tasty!!


Arriving back at the house around 11pm, I went to put the trash out for the next day.  Last time I did this I was met with snow, this time I was met by the local police! There were 3 officers at the house next door, and in the street the car with flashing lights on.  I headed back inside and shortly after a knock on the door followed.  It was of course the police, though they were asking about if we had heard noises from next door.  It was hard to communicate as they knew little English, and my Japanese, though it’s improved, is not good enough to explain information for police enquries!

They seemed to eventually understand what I said, so hopefully whatever issue they were trying to sort has been all dealt with now.



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