Japan – Day???

I’ve actually lost count of how long I’ve been here now, I think just over a month now.  Either way it’s all great so far, Japan really is amazing!!!  Today will be a short entry as I’ve been working.

Firstly I have added some videos to my YouTube channel here.

Now, onward with todays entry!

From today I have started to teach more classes as I’m covering the guy who flew back to England this morning.  This is great as I’m really enjoying the classes now, it would seem my students are as well as I heard from my boss earlier that he had emails from them saying they enjoyed me teaching there.  This was a really great boost to my spirits!

As a result I’ve been mostly working in the class today, though I did have time to pickup some Panda Pocky sticks for lunch!


I had a few hours break during the day as I would be teaching again later in the evening as well, I used this time to draft up some new game ideas that I’ve had since being in Japan.  Time To Shoot is still my main focus, but it’s nice to have extra ideas lined up for my future game dev work.

In my evening classes I actually had a student who is working on learning code for app development, so it was great to be able to talk about programming and dev stuff with someone in Japan!

The evening has been quiet as I’ve just got back, time though for a coffee on the way back, and you can’t go wrong with something called ‘The Coffee’!


I also picked up some strawberry flavored dough balls called Strawberry Chou, which were cheap and taste great!  I had to spend some time earlier translating receipts as well in order to claim expenses back.

Having no classes tomorrow I was hoping to sneak off and go to Toei Studio Park, but the other volunteer here wants help with some unnecessary renovation work so I now have to stay and help with that.  This is annoying as technically I should be doing renovation work tomorrow anyway, but there really isn’t anything more that needs doing.

Things are now being done just because the other guy doesn’t seem to ever go out, so just wants something to do in the house.  I wouldn’t mind working on the house if it was actually something that made a difference, not something that is being done for the sake of it.

Still hopefully I can hit Toei Studio Park on Friday this week.



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