Japan Sushi Time!

Today none of us in the house had any classes, and with one of us flying back to England tomorrow we decided to all take a trip to the local sushi bar for lunch to give a sort of send off.

The sushi store of choice actually had a lof of dishes for 100yen per dish (108yen with tax).

The place was really nice and modern, we were given a tag with the number 24, which seemed to indicate we sit at booth 24, sitting down it was time to have a quick scan around to take in the environment.


At one end of the booth was free green tea and hot water tap to make it at will, there was a 10″ mounted touchscreen which was the menu for ordering.  There was then a lower converyor belt going round the whole place brining sushi dishes around, you could take any off at any time, and they just added up the dishes at the end.

The best part was above the belt there were two separate tracks, any food you ordered would arrive on plastic trains along these lines.

The menu was in Japanese but had tabs at the top to choose type of food, while each screen showed nice pictures of what the foods were.  Though there was a lot of dishes going round on the belt, it was always more fun to order the dishes you wanted, as that way the Shinkansen shapped plastic train arrived and stopped at the table, before going back when you hit the ok button on the screen.

My first dishes I picked were prawn tempura, a small piece of sashimi and a pot of warm fish mixed fish bits in a custard / pudding type sauce.  This was my first time eating proper sushi and eating raw beef and fish, something I had been skeptical about as generally I have my food well cooked, if I order a steak I ask for it to be well done.

The sashimi was delicious, the texture was great and it just dissolved in the mouth with lots of flavour.  Tempura I had eaten before, it was just something I was in the mood for to warm up for the next dishes.  The fish custard pudding thing was really weird at first, my mind couldn’t adjust to the fish taste in custard pudding stuff, but eventually it got used to it and decided it was really nice.


I should have taken more photos of the food, but being hung over and hungry it didn’t stop to take many.  Not to worry though as I will return here! I ended up racking up a stack of dishes, having tried grilled eel sushi, proper raw tuna steak sushi, tuna rolls, swordfish sushi and some prawn tail sushi.  All of it was amazing, the raw pieces especially tasted incredible! The only surprise is that some had hidden wasabi in them, which was hot! Apparently wasabi helps kill bacteria in the raw fish.

All the time we had been ordering using the pictures on the screen, a fun noise played when the train arrived with the food, and hitting ok returned the train to the kitchen.  About halfway through I discovered we could actually change the screen to English, which meant we could actually read what we had eaten and ordered.  If you wanted rice or ramen dishes (even fries and fried chicken!) they were also available for cheap prices.

Drink was the only downside to going here with a hang over is that there was no coffee available, but anything else was on the menu, I settled for glass bottle coke.  Though the various whisky highballs on offer looked tempting as I still had things on my mind.

One we had all finished up it was time for dessert, I went with an option of a frozen mango parfait (if that’s how you spell it), a glass filled with ice cream, syrup, carmel pudding at the bottom and topped with chocolate and frozen mango.  Not a traditional Japanese desert but it was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten, and the sugar boost was needed!


Leaving the place I felt full and like I at least had some energy left, but needed to grab a few coffees from vending machines on the way back through the side streets.  I added another new Fire coffee to my collection.


The rest of the day was fairly laid back, in the evening I was given the chance to try pickled plum, something which I knew I’d hate but the rule while in Japan is try anything for a laugh.  I took it and it tasted vile!


I washed it down with the only drink I had in the fridge, in this case some wine.  For dinner one of the people here made a nice potato pizza, this is a pizza on a thin base made of potato, it tasted great!


Later that evening I had still couldn’t shake something from my mind so tried to clear my head with lots of vodka highballs, it didn’t really work but I did eventually fall asleep.  The only downside being I didn’t feel great this morning.


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