Japan – A day of snacks & work

This day to be honest was a fairly uneventful one as I had classes for most of the day, however it did contain a trip to the local supermarket where I picked up some fun foods!

Being that my classes started at 12 I had a bit of the morning free, a view from the balcony outside my room confirmed it was a nice sunny day, so I headed for a short walk.


I headed for the local supermarket in the hope I could find some strange and unusual foods, however as I have so far found out it is actually surprisingly hard to find such things!  The strangest thing I’ve seen so far is really baby octopus on a stick, and octopus tentacles at the supermarket.


The most fun things I gather were a box of Japanese Frosties, which feature Tony the tiger and Hello Kitty acting as best friends on the packaging.


I picked up some Pikachu shaped popcorn, which came with a free trading card.  And Pikachu shaped was stretch, they were more blobs that vaguely resembled the shape.


Some really tiny mint tea choc chip cookies, which tasted great! Though they were only about the size of a 50p coin.


And some mint tea flavored pocky sticks, which amazingly I don’t actually like! Don’t get me wrong I love pocky sticks, and every type I’ve tried has been great, but the mint tea ones just don’t seem to taste as nice as I thought they would.

Eventually it was off to work for the rest of the day.



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