Japan – Miidere Temple!!!

Today my plans for exploring more of Kyoto took a blow as on short notice a new person was due to arrive to stay with us, I was due to meet him at the station at around 11am to show him the house and area.  As it turns out he got the wrong train and about 12 arrived at the house. After greetings and getting the new guy settled in I headed out to check out Miidere temple above Otsu.

Miidere temple

Miidere temple is a large temple overlooking Otsu and lake Biwa, also containing several smaller temples and shrines around the area.  I headed to the temple passing a really cool aqua duct that was half full from last nights rainwater.


The temple cost me 600yen to get in, this would grant me access to the temple grounds, as well as several other smaller shrines and temples.


The temple itself was quite high up on the mountain, so lots of steps awaited me as I made my way to the main area.


A short walk later and I arrived at the main temple hall, there was a massive courtyard with lots of smaller shrines and statues.


Climbing further up I got a view down from above the temple, the view was stunning, being able to see Otsu and lake Biwa from above, with plenty of Shiga in the background.


Climbing further I passed many other various statues, monuments and smaller shrine areas, a great 15 minute walk in the sun.  There were multiple viewpoints overlooking Otsu.


Eventually I ended up descending the mountain again and came across another large main temple hall, the place had amazing architecture and looked great.


You could really see the patterns in the ancient wood that had been used! I wandered around the temple hall (no photos allowed), before exploring the rest of the area.


The area itself felt very strange, as there were very few people around, and a lot of the older shrines and buildings were deserted and had not been kept well.  In one building there was a massive structure which seemed to consist of lots of smaller ancient lock boxes.


With the time approaching 5pm, I headed back down the sunlit rows of lanterns and made my way home, this is because I was due to attend a takoyaki making party at the school in the evening.


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