Japan – Fun classes!

Today I hadn’t got any exploration planned as I had classes for most of the day, in the morning my first challenge was to try natto, fermented soy beans.  I wasn’t expecting to like them, but one of my students had told me I must try them!  I had made a promise to her that I would try them, so I did.


Honestly they were really really awful!! I am not a fan of natto!  I ended up having to wash my mouth out and grab some quick toast, I tried it and kept my promise, but never again shall I eat natto!

The morning classes were pretty fun, around midday I had a Japanese language class as well, so I went from being teacher to student again.  The class was really useful and I learnt a lot more.  Being around 2pm I decided for lunch I would head to the sushi bar to try more new things.


I started out with a safe option of raw salmon, it’s actually one of the types of fish easlily obtained in the UK, but I’d never had it cold / raw before.  Turns out delicious! (or at least in Japan it is!).


Next up was tempura rolls, tasted exactly as great as I thought they would be! I might also add that in the picture you have no scale, but these were really big bits!


The one dish that was disappointing was the takoyaki, it didn’t taste bad it’s just there was hardly any octopus in it.  The ones we had mad at the takoyaki party were much better!


I tried a couple of other dishes which I forgot to photo but were all good, I also tried bonito which I had learnt about from the takoyaki party, turns out it’s like a tuna type fish, really amazing raw.

After eating I went for a short walk before getting back, when I arrived back I decided to start learning more hiragana in an attempt to aid my Japanese language, I didn’t though have much time as I had to head back and teach more classes.

Todays evening classes were the most fun I’ve had! All my favorite students attended and it was really really great to see them once again, we were laughing joking and talking about a lot of different things and it was more like a small party than a lesson.  These students are the best! I’m really going to be sad to leave here as I’ll miss them when I’m gone!  At the end of the class I apologised to another teacher incase to much noise had come from my classroom as we were laughing pretty loudly!

All in all a really great evening!


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