Japan – Small days

The last couple of days have been fairly uneventful in terms of going out and seeing places, I’ve mostly been stuck in the house as some new people have been arriving to stay here, so events have been……….well…..lets just say interesting.  The new volunteer as it turns out is pretty chilled out and easy to get on with, a pretty cool guy actually.  An actual employee has arrived who will replace the other guy who’s leaving at the end of the month, and the jury’s still out on this one, time will tell.  My initial feeling is that he’s being controlled from higher up somewhere, something just seems off.

A Shout Out To Air France!

This might seem an odd thing to do, but during the week I have been thinking of extending my stay here by another 2-3 weeks from when I was scheduled to leave.  I put a tweet out asking if anyone had any idea how easy it is and what cost it might be to reschedule my ticket with Air France.

Air France then contacted me on Twitter about 15 minutes later saying if I DM’d them the details they would let me know, I did this and they replied with everything I needed within minutes!  This is simply amazing and outstanding customer service!! So good it deserves to be mentioned, and a big well done to Air France for leading the way in stunning customer service!  I highly suggest flying with them, they are fantastic!

On with the days!

So as I said I’ve lost a few days exploring, but I’ve still had classes which has been fun.  Though because we have another volunteer two of my Thursday classes have been reassigned to him, pretty sad for me as I have actually asked for more classes to teach.


One really fun thing that has happened though is one of my students lent me a bicycle, it’s a really cute looking bicycle, even with a little basket.  I actually look comically large on it, but riding round on it is great fun and I really enjoy it!  I love this bike so much I’ve named it Kasshoku Kubu (Brown cub)!


We also now have takoyaki in the house, though this is nowhere near as good as when I made it with my students.


And to properly retro things up I fired up Worms on my laptop which I’ve been playing with the other two volunteers, this has been some great time killing at the end of the day.

I have tomorrow to look around, I will most likely end up in Kyoto.  Then on Saturday we I have a trip to some tea fields arranged by a teacher with some students, there has also been a cancellation so I’m hoping my favorite student will be able to join as it was fully booked quickly the first time.






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