Japan – The Missing Week!

Firstly let me just say this blog entry is just to apologise to my regular readers, Instagram & Twitter followers for suddenly losing contact for a bit, and to explain a bit as to why.  If you’re not bothered about it then skip on as there won’t be much of interest.

An apology

So anyone following me on my various channels (here, Twitter & Instagram) may have wondered why updates pretty much ground to a halt and nothing was heard of from me till fairly recently.

For this I would like to say I am truly sorry.  I always enjoy sharing pictures of my adventures through Instagram and on here, and love talking to you all on Twitter and seeing what you’re all up to.  So I am sorry that I was AWOL for a while and didn’t get time to catch up on things or check in with you for a bit.

Explanation of what happened

Now I don’t really want to go into details, but I would like to just offer a brief explanation as I feel bad about having essentially vanished and stopped updating things!

Basically a few days after Nagara Park something started to bug me from the way the other foreign volunteers were acting and speaking around the house, and a few things I picked up on triggered the investigative side of my brain to start making some links between certain things.

I was in a fairly bad mood for the next week as I kept putting more things together and I drew a conclusion about what was going on.  Technically at this stage things were mostly circumstantial, but something was definitely off about the whole situation.  As a result this week was spent with me investigating and trying to get to the bottom of things.

I followed a trail and went to talk to the person I suspected may have been involved, however after speaking to him I realised my suspicions were most likely misplaced, which I was actually glad to be wrong as we had become friends since I arrived in Japan.

However the very next morning one of the other foreigners in the house seemed unsettled when he found out I’d gone to talk to this other person the night before.  Seems that unsettlement was enough to panic him into leaving a book in the open which was enough to confirm I’d been correct in my conclusion but I’d foolishly followed a false lead to the wrong person.

After reviewing what I knew and what evidence (circumstantial and physical) there was I decided to leak a bit of information as a trap, a plan that worked perfectly as this resulted in a chain of events that proved the innocence of the person I’d gone to talk to, and actually showed he’d been setup as a scapegoat as he wasn’t around the house to defend himself and no one thought anyone would make the journey to talk to him about it.

It also showed me who else was involved and who the one behind everything was, not one for naming normally, but this pissed me off so much that I will, remember the lazy Hungarian I mentioned previously? – Him.

Now in theory there should have been an employee of the company always living in the house, previously there was so problems didn’t arise.  However the new employee had got in a pattern of always being gone for 2 days/nights of the week, this is why these other foreign volunteers had fallen into a pattern they thought they could get away with, and were exploiting his absence to cause trouble in the house.

Having worked all this out I then immediately contacted my boss explaining the situation and reporting the people involved and what they were up to, this should have meant an instant dismissal from their positions and they should have been made to leave the house with immediate effect.  A response of I’ll ask someone else to look into it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting!

So not wanting to spend anymore time in the same house as those involved I packed my things and left that night!  I explained to my boss it was a family emergency and that I would fly back to the UK.  To my knowledge they are still staying at the house and no action has been taken against them, this angers me a lot that such people can get away with bad things!  It wouldn’t surprise me if now I’m not there to defend myself any blame for things that come to light will be pointed toward me!

Either way this put me in for a long night!


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