Japan – Zeze Park

The search for Zeze Park

During some web browsing the previous evening I had stumbled upon a tourism site for Otsu, on the site I found a list of places that were suggested for Sakura viewing, one of which was Zeze park.  I knew the area of Zeze as I had been there many times, however I couldn’t recall seeing a park, so I made that the mission for today.


Having had a quick glance at a map earlier I knew this park to be located just beyond the bridge I walked across on my way to Seta.  I set off on the same route along the front of the lake, in part because it is always a nice walk and in part because it was the shortest route on this occasion.

About 25 minutes later I cut under the bridge and emerged in Zeze park, which as it turns out is actually rather small!  I had noticed on the map it didn’t look massive, however I just assumed I missed a bit of it, but in actual fact it is just very small!


There wasn’t in fact all that much to see, there were some Sakura which was nice, a statue in the middle and the lake to the edge.  It was though quiet busy as a lot of people were having picnics and sitting around enjoying the sunny day.  As it turns out had I come here a day later then there would have been some sort of market on as well.


With there not being a lot else to do I decided to call it a day an head slowly back home to get some work done, in the evening I was actually going back out to an event at Nagara Park anyway.  On the way back I passed a lot of artwork on the side of some buildings which depicted scenes from around Lake Biwa.


There was a huge amount of pictures, about 20 overall, each had great detail and showed either the lake or mountains.  It wasn’t the most eventful day I’ve had in Japan, but after walking about 20km yesterday it was nice to just head home and relax around the house for a bit before heading out for the evening.


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