Hyper Japan – Day 2, PM

Hyper Japan – Day 2, PM

After bidding farewell to my Shogi opponent I headed out into the scorching heatwave outside! There was about 30 mins to kill before everyone was allowed back into the event, my original plan was to find a café and grab a drink nearby, but after seeing how long the line for getting back in already was I decided to just join it so I could get in sooner.

The line already almost circled around the whole of the Olympia! Standing in that heat was killing me! Thankfully about half way around an attendant saw my wristband and told me dual ticket holders can just ignore the line and walk straight around and back into the event.  As it happens I could have actually gone out via a different exit for dual ticket holders which would have made getting back in even quicker, making a note of that for next time!


After getting back in a cold drink was first on the list, a Japanese brand of grape soda was the nearest option before catching Esprit D’Air on the main stage.  There was then a bit of time to wander around before the Cosplay parade, I wasn’t really though to bothered by this as most of the people had been walking around the event all day anyway.


As mentioned previously there were many awesome cosplayers around, however a personal favorite of mine was this guy! Monkey!!

In the end I actually managed to catch up with another dev attending the event, it was great to finally meet.  We joined a team match of Splatoon and won fairly comfortably.


I then headed of in search of some dinner, I acquired some chicken gyoza and a chicken katsu burger, as well as a few sweet treats, before catching some more traditional dancing over at the theatre.


I got a bit of shopping done picking up a mystery snack bag for £25, full of Japanese snacks & chocolate.  One thing that jumps out is how insane the prices of individual things were though, Pocky sticks now £3 per box!!!

I managed to grab a few freebies from around some stalls, mostly pens, mags etc, did get a free drink from one which was handy (And really refreshing too!).


I caught Yucha, Less than Love near the end of the day, she was amazing!  Great singer and guitarist and this was the best of Hyper Japan this year for me! She’s a great character to, really lively and happy to be there, made for a fantastic atmosphere and everyone in the theatre ended up singing, cheering & clapping along!


Shortly after Yucha’s performance it was nearing the end of the day, with only one more live event left.  Being a lot quieter I wandered back around the Nintendo area trying a few more games, then spent some more time looking at the endless amount of Gundam model kits!  It was great memories of collecting them years ago, only then I was able to buy them in Malaysia which was a lot cheaper!

The last act of the day was Lightning (No not the one from FF!), I felt a bit sorry as a lot of people had already gone home at this point, so the crowds weren’t at full capacity for him.  At the start there was also some slight mic / sound issues to fix, but he put on a great show anyway!  Again this guy is great on the guitar!

With the day over and no ticket for Day 3, that was the end of Hyper Japan 2016 for me 😦 Time to hop on the back on the Overground and head home.


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