Book And Bed Tokyo!

So, Book And Bed Tokyo, it’s hard to describe, but it’s a sort of cross between a capsule hotel, hostel and a library.  The place is right near Ikebukuro station (really easy to get to anywhere in Tokyo from here), in a building up on the 7th & 8th floors.  Your bed is in the form of a capsule pod that’s integrated into a large bookcase running the whole length of the floor.

I don’t really do plugging stuff, but this place is so amazing I want to! So Book And Bed Tokyo please check the place out if your going to be in Tokyo (Think they have places in Kyoto & Fukuoka too), it’s the most amazing experience, and most relaxed place you’ll ever stay at!


I booked the standard beds which was 4800 yen plus tax, this was really spacious and quite cosy (compact, smaller beds are also available for a bit cheaper).  The inside of the bed pod has loads of space, as well as hangers, a shelf, small safe (though I didn’t feel the need to use it), a couple of power outlets, and a small lamp.  It was high enough that I could comfortably sit up inside it as well, at the entrance there’s also a curtain you can draw across.

DSC_0700.JPGThe bed is also really comfortable, and the place is really peaceful so I had no trouble having a good nights sleep.  (Though a set of earplugs is provided should you feel the need to use them).  At the bottom of each bed column is also a storage space for your luggage, my medium sized wheelie case fit in there, along with my shoes and rucksack with plenty of room to spare, some slippers are also at provided.


At one end are the shared sinks, toilets and showers, all the facilities are really clean.  At the other end is a lounge area, large sofas around the edge with a sofa island and cushions in the middle, these are really comfy to and chill out on.  Each seat section also has power outlets, wooden drink holders and at night a small lamp.  There’s also a small kitchen area, with a few small appliances.  A range of drinks can be brought at the main reception desk.


As mentioned, one wall is a massive bookcase with the bed pods integrated in it, there’s a staggering choice of books to choose from, something of pretty much every genre and type of book.


The décor and atmosphere of the whole place is amazing, the celling has a range of books hanging from it, and the lightbulbs are a really cool design.  In the evening and at night the lighting is perfect as well, not too bright, just giving off a warm ambient glow.  It’s just so peaceful and relaxing, perfect for reading or getting things done on your laptop.


In the morning the large window by the lounge lets in the natural sunlight, again making it just a really cool place to hang out.  Check out isn’t till 11am either, so there’s a lot of time to still relax before leaving.  Something that I did, the original plan was that we’d set off early toward our next place in Tokyo, but from first walking into the place we decided that in the morning we’d just chill out there for as long as possible!


In addition they do amazing coffee here in the morning! It’s done via the coffee machine (In fact I’m pretty sure it’s the same model I have), but something about it just made it taste like one of the best coffees I’ve had.  Honestly I can’t explain just how incredible this place is!

What I really want to do though is also a special shout out to the staff there! They made the place even more amazing! All of them are really friendly and welcoming, happy to have a quick chat as well.  Being up earlier on the morning I was checking out I spent a bit of time just chatting away in the reception before grabbing a coffee in the lounge, it’s just the best place in the world to relax!

I loved every second of staying there, I wish I’d been around to stay longer! I’ve made my mind up though that anytime I’m in Tokyo I’m going to be spending time here! I highly recommend that you do as well if you get the chance!




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