Learning Japanese – Resources

Following on form my last post on apps that I'm currently using to learn Japanese, this post will list other resources that I'm also using to learn and practise. I had intended to do one post covering everything, but the apps section ran on longer than I expected. Books Genki 1 & 2 Books are … Continue reading Learning Japanese – Resources


Learning Japanese – Apps

A long time ago I wrote a post covering some of the apps and resources that I was using to help me learn Japanese. In this post I'll cover the main apps that I'm still finding useful for learning and practising Japanese. *Note - While some of the apps below are also available on iOS, … Continue reading Learning Japanese – Apps


After the brilliant go-kart tour we were in Akihabara and ready to explore, knowing that there was a lot here to get around there was no time to waste deciding where to eat, so McDonalds being the nearest place won.  Something quick was ideal in this scenario, plus they had WiFi so we could bring up maps … Continue reading Akihabara!

Ghibli Museum!!!

The day had arrived! The day to step into the magical and mysterious Ghibli Museum!  For those that don't know tickets for this place can be insanely hard to get! As they tend to sell out very shortly after going on sale, and it's not just a case that there's only x amount of tickets … Continue reading Ghibli Museum!!!