Japan 2017

I managed to return to Japan in 2017, however due to changes in visa type and requirements for volunteer work I wasn’t able to get a volunteer placement to stay for a few months.

Fortunately I was able to split some travel costs with someone else, so I was still able to return ‘home’ for a couple of weeks.  All the time hoping that I would be able to find a company who might be able to sponsor me for a position and work visa without a degree.

Back to Japan!!


Wakayama – Yosakoi dancing!


Osaka Castle & Aquarium

Namba & Back to Nara

Return to Kyoto!

Return to Arashiyama!

Space Station Bar Osaka!


To Tokyo!

First Day In Tokyo!

Book And Bed Tokyo!

Exploring Tokyo

Sengakuji Temple

The Meiji Shrine & Nakano!

Ghibli Museum!!!

Go-Karting Around Tokyo!